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Spring Adventures are SO MUCH easier w/ Deuter!

Spring Adventures are SO MUCH easier w/ Deuter!

With bluebird skies, and gorgeous mountains in our backyard, it was as if the world stopped and said it’s time for an adventure! My three littles and I gathered our miscellaneous gear ranging from: a beloved stuffed bunny - “Silver”, a backpack size telescope (doesn’t everyone pack one of those on a midday hike?), provisions, and my favorite tool for making incredible hiking memories; my Deuter carrier!
Hitting the trail with the smell of the woods  in the air instantly lifted  spirits. Hiking, my toddler has two speeds; gazelle, and the two step, squat and observe. Everyone started at almost a gallop, being our first hike of the season we were ready to run not walk into nature.
Izzy, my soon to be threenager is a force; making it at least halfway to our destination. She ditches gazelle mode and  settles into the squatting scientist speed. We wander and admire all the tiny wonders of nature for a good bit of time. Eventually, my older kids grow impatient. Strongly encouraged by the siblings Izzy heads up yet another switch back… she then mutters through heavy breathing; “ I am too busy.” By that she means I’m tired. We are working on that vocab word. But, it’s one of those; too cute to correct moments … Come on, Busy Izzy?! <3  But, I digress…
The carrier to the rescue! Without this marvelous pack I’d have two options; carry the Iz until my shoulder screamed and disowned the rest of my being… or cut the adventuring short, turn back. Thankfully, that was not the case. I placed the carrier on the ground,with the kickstand extended, unbuckled the side entrance, AKA ; the Independent Toddler entrance. With a huge smile spread across her face she climbed into the carrier,  buckling  her in with ease, I hoisted her up onto my back.
The Deuter pack simply put, is magic! They have thought of it all. From the adjustable shoulder straps that give a tailored fit to any torso size, to the hip panel that allows the wearer to perfectly distribute the weight of the child, to tons of pockets for storage, and the many thoughtful details for your child's comfort.  Needles to say it was love at first wear! To those of you who have tried other hard frame carriers who have had opposing experiences… you’re thinking “no way, this can’t be true!” To that, I say; I’ve been there. Who knew that a hard frame pack from the late 80’s would be uncomfortable?! But, that is a story for another time.
With Izzy up on my back my crew and I ventured on.  A new vantage point there was plenty of “ooo’s and awes” from my pack mate. Everyone made it to the Cliff lookout, some huffing and puffing more than others.(Me) But, we MADE IT! Stopping to eat lunch, we were greeted with the fresh sight of yellow bells in full bloom. 
Making our way down the mountain, Izzy snuggled safe on my back... it becomes clear; these are the moments I will hold dear for eternity. As my little is rocked to sleep, my older kids climb boulders, I enjoy the fresh air, and the fact that my shoulders and back are pain free… It’s the little things!
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