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Gear and Furniture deals IN STORE. Big giveaway drawings are 12/21. Get your entries in with every purchase.
Squigz = Sanity

Squigz = Sanity

These days I find myself thrown into the middle of the dance floor with music blaring, to which I can’t match the tempo. It’s the hustle, sped up with specific steps that are set in concrete; yet totally undisclosed. The quick quarantine is in full swing, and man these 20’s are a roaring!
Like most parents I’m juggling  the trifecta; distance learning, home life, and work. With three kids in the house, ages ranging from soon to be; 10, 8, and 3 our house is always buzzing. Before I move on, just to double check… I’m not the only one whispering WTF at least 50 times a day... Am I?!
While we excel, in adventures out of the house, we pretty much resemble the Von Trapp family minus the drape matching outfits (I can’t sew, or trust...we’d be rocking that look!) Oh, and I can’t carry a tune, the point being we are a happy family unit in the fresh air and sunshine. 
On the other end of the spectrum when we are huddled at the table like starving hyenas; with one kid working on math while the other is video chatting with their class, the littlest is belting out her rendition of “Let it go”, and I’m googling “Is it possible/ safe to have a coffee IV?” The five year gap, while schooling is more than noticeable.
I’ve been digging deep into my Mama bank, searching for the perfect side projects for my three year old. Pintrest, Instagram, stuff I make up in the middle of the night… to be perfectly honest; while I search and plan these amazing side projects in my head, executing them is another story.
Lately our saving grace; Squigz. These incredible suction cup toys from Fat Brain, hold Izzy’s attention for a good 20 minutes. Giving me a good chunk of time to dedicate to my older kids . She loves to stick them together seeing how high she can stack them,  simply sticking them together and then pulling them apart (they make an awesome sound!), last but not least; she loves to turn them into monsters and create a dialogue between characters. They are a great addition to bath time play. Izzy isn’t the only one who loves playing with these “fun little suckers” the whole family loves to sit down and play.
I may not understand, or know the moves to this peculiar song and dance… but, I know that I’m going to continue to get up, and get down with my bad self! All the while, I’m so grateful for simple, joyous moments found through play.
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