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The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

A year or so ago, my husband and I decided that the time was approaching to settle down and have children. We decided that this fall would be the "the time" we would start trying. In anticipation of this epic decision, I Kat N., decided to take a job working for Nature Baby Outfitter. While I know nothing can truly prepare me for becoming a first time mother, taking the job at Nature Baby seemed to be a logical step for me in diving into the land of everything baby. The experience of working here has been as endearing as it has been comical. My nesting is at an all time high. I have everything from onesies to cribs and carseats piling up around my house. How could I not with all this cute stuff at my fingertips? Damn you Sakura! While I am certainly doing myself a favor by securing all the "necessities" (changing tables, carriers, cribs and ridiculously cute clothing ;) ) before baby arrives, the knowledge and support I have gained from working at Nature Baby is invaluable. So what are some of the fun things I have learned while working here? Well while all of you are shopping and children running about, I am taking note. If you find me to be courteous and helpful, it is because I truly enjoy all the company you have provided me with and I genuinely care to assist you and yours. Watching all the families coming and going, has been a constant joy and a great deal of fun for me. So, back to it, what are some of the things I learned while playing the waiting game?

  1. While this first line has been repeated over and over again. Kat & Jade (With Little L) at Ladies Night Out in Whitefish, MTIt is 100% true. Every mother for the most part, on any average day is under appreciated and overworked. While it is all always worth while and mothers would do it all again. Not to mention those sweet gushy moments where everyone in the family (kids, husband, dog) express their true appreciation, admiration and love for all a mother does validating your endless efforts. Whether she working a full-time job or stay at home (which is still a full time job). Whether she has a loving, supporting partner or is the Lone Ranger. Any Mother on any giving day is juggling the world by simply running her household without so much as a thanks, a break and normally on very little sleep. Signing up to be a Mother is like signing up to be a provider, a maid, a cook, a taxi, a teacher, a nurse and a preacher. Don't forget the poor neglected husband. When you have time, and aren't nodding off from exhaustion, a lover, a best friend and financial consultant. And that is just your home life. Check. On the flip side, at any random moment, I can expect to burst into tears of joy because something that my husband or child does sends me over the moon with pride and love. Check, check. So overworked, under appreciated. Got it. Oh, and very little sleep. Which brings me to number two.
  2. Mommy Brain. "Mommy Brain" is a real thing, it does exists. "Mommy Brain" is a real condition that I experience first hand on almost a daily bases. Most of the Mothers that come in are so busy multitasking (huge skill only to be truly grasped and mastered after children) that "Mommy Brain" is sure to occur.  "Mommy Brain" is brought on by several different things and can and does occur at any time during the day. More importantly, it tends to occur when there is something you simply must get done there by barring said task from ever happening. "Mommy Brain" is having your hands and your head so full with your children that all of a sudden the tiniest, most meniscal task becomes impossible, if you can even remember what it was in the first place. Next time you are in, child melting in the throws of a tantrum, rushing about with all your personal items strung from one end of the store to the other, praying to god that you remembered everything before returning home, and I run out to give you your purse, child's favorite stuffed animal, or the dreaded forgotten binky, know that it really is ok. I don't mind at all. No need to apologize or be embarrassed. Happens all the time. "Mommy Brain" is merciless and strikes even the most together Mom. I sympathize. I know one day it will be me. Which brings me to my next lesson. 
  3. Be open minded and non-judgmental. A good support system is necessary. Mothers need more support than they are ever given. Everyone is so busy telling you how you should be doing something better or different. Everyone has an opinion about every little thing you do with your child. Which makes it very intimidating for a Mother to ask or reach out. Everyone tends to be so caught up in your new bundle of joy, mothers tend to be overlooked. I already am blessed with a wonderfully supportive family and the best of friends, but Nature Baby has extended that support group into the community. This store is the greatest place for moms to be able to come in and take a load off. The support network coming from this store extends far and I am happy to be apart of it. I will be one of the moms that comes in just to get out. I will pull up a seat on the comfy couch in that sitting area knowing if I am having problems/have weird questions about anything, my milk supply, baby blues, or just need to vent, I am greeted here with open hearts.
  4. Last but not least, patience. Patience and more patience. It is a good thing I have cultivated patience as I have matured because I will need patience more than anything. 
Those are some of the big lessons I have gathered here at Nature Baby Outfitter as I (hopefully soon) begin my journey into parenthood. Too bad it looks as though I will have to try and use some of the patience I have cultivated while playing the waiting game. Once you decide to do something big with your life, waiting seems impossible! Looks as though for now I must be patient. Distraction, yet another thing Nature Baby has provided me with ;) See y'all soon! ~Xoxo Kat 


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Christy Wiggins - December 10, 2015

This is lovely Kat and very well said. Good luck with your waiting game.

Kat Niles - December 9, 2015

Thanks Trinia. I honestly didn’t know if people would read the blog. I love visiting with you and watching your boys grow. They are so ridiculously cute!

Trinia Holder - December 9, 2015

This is so sweet Kat. We always love coming in to visit you and chat about all things baby!

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