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Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

What a ride it's been!

When I took over Nature Baby Outfitter I had one child and lots of time and energy to devote to expanding the business. We moved from the Community Birth Center in Kalispell to taking over and sharing space with Flying Fish Kid's Gym in the Mountain Mall. It was super fun having the gym but the space really didn't allow for NBO to become what I had hoped it could be. When the Shopko deal was finalized we had to pack up and search for a new home. The gym required so much square footage it wasn't feasible to keep in Whitefish and sadly closed. After a long search we found the location at 2nd and Spokane. It would be a stretch for us to afford it but we gave it a shot. With the addition of Premium Kid's Consignment & a highly visible location business boomed. After a year our lease was not renewed and we were once again homeless. With limited retail space available I was ready to call it quits. Then I received a call from the owner of 22 Lupfer. I toured the space and fell in love, it seemed too good to be true. We reviewed our revenue numbers and decided to close Premium Kids' Consignment and use all of that extra time to focus on community events and support groups. Despite our gorgeous new location and boutique aesthetic business in the new location was abysmal compared to our previous spot. Without enough money coming in bills couldn't be paid. The owner of the building worked with us and kept us in as long as she could. Sadly things just did not pick back up quickly enough.

As many of you know my husband and I have 3 children now and also run the Mold Wranglers and Northern Home Solutions. Three business and three children is too much. I had planned to list NBO for sale publicly before but it never seemed the right time. I would still love for this resource to be available locally and if you or someone you know is interested in carrying on the legacy please contact me ASAP to discuss terms.

Our last day open to the public will be February 5th, our website will remain open for online orders as stock allows. If you have a gift certificate or store credit please come in and use it!

Thank you to those of you who supported us over the years! Jade

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Jen - January 27, 2016

Sorry to hear this news. I’m amazed what you have managed to accomplish as a business woman and mom of 3! I know it’s a tough decision, and hope you find a bit more cslm, inspiration and prosperity in your next iteration of your businesses, and space to be Mommy:).
All the best,

Emily - January 27, 2016

Sorry to hear, you guys have such a sweet shop, maybe someone will take over! See you for the Melodies celebration next week.

Jonathan - January 27, 2016

I love you honey.

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