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Nature Baby's New Home | We're officially a Baby Boutique now! | Whitefish, MT Railway District

Posted by Jade Carpenter on

Ladies & Gentlemen, Mommas & Poppas, Grandparents & FriendsBaby Boutique, 22 Lupfer Ave, Whitefish, MT! I'm so happy to announce that the shop has a new home and our first week being open was a success! Our new spot is in Whitefish's Railway District between the Whitefish Hostel and the Knit n Needle yarn shoppe. Our address is 22 Lupfer Ave.

We did have one very quiet day with zero sales but I know as word spreads that we're open things will pick up again.

Having the Whitefish Hostel next door is so awesome! We have been having hot delicious soup nearly everyday and it's great to be able to get some fresh juice to keep us going. (Caffeine helps, but quality veggies & fruits is fabulous.)

We were open for Ladies Night Out again and it was fairly tame compared to last year but still lots of fun!

A huge thanks so everyone who made it in to see us this week, for those who didn't we look forward to seeing you soon!! ;)

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