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Roadtrip Essentials: Toddler Edition

Roadtrip Essentials: Toddler Edition

Montana to Washington.

Embarking on my first long road trip alone with my toddler, I was slightly anxious. The trip was approximately 10 hours, broken up between 2 days and my 2 1/2 year old was ready to discover his new tablet filled with games and movies. As helpful as tablets can be in these situations, I still didn't want him to be entertained completely by a screen. So I enlisted the moms from Nature Baby and asked about a few of their favorite products for their kiddos on road trips!

Here is a quick review of all of my son's favorites toys, which without, this trip would not have been such a success:

Squigz Starter Set by Fat Brain Toy Co.

    These little suction cup toys are perfect for sticking on windows, to each other, and on foreheads! My boy enjoyed fiddling with these while looking out the window. They are soft, bendy, colorful, and make popping noises--what more could a kid want?

    Dimpl Digits by Fat Brain Toy Co.

    My son absolutely loves this toy and it might even be his favorite. Playing solo, he just can't get enough of the popping! He will come up to me and say "pop!", and I take that as my cue to play with him. Together, we point out colors and numbers. There are even Braille numbers on one side! This is definitely a must-have for traveling and, TBH, life in general.

    Pop & Slide Shelly by Fat Brain Toy Co.

    Shelly is another Fat Brain Toy and my kiddo loved popping the colored circles into different spots, testing his hand/eye coordination and finger mobility. It was easy for him to hold and simple to use, making this another favorite!

    Magic Sketch + Frozen 2 Board by Boogie Board

    Although my son is only two and not quite yet proficient at tracing, he loved seeing some of his favorite characters (Olaf!) and coloring on top of them. And probably his favorite feature is pushing the button to erase all his scribbles. This Boogie Board was so much fun!

    Thus concludes this trip's favorite toys. Next road trip we'll try out a few other goodies. Until then, you can check out our entire toy selection here and find your own favorites.

    'Til next time...thanks for reading!

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