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All Terrain Options

All Terrain Options

It’s Spring!!! After nearly seven months of winter here in Northwestern Montana, that’s a big deal!. With warm weather comes more time spent outside. While we love  leisurely strolls downtown for ice cream, we also love a good dirt trail with bumps and mud alike. Nature Baby Outfitter has some awesome gear options to take you from sidewalk, to trails, and everything in between.

Today, we’ll be diving into the world of All Terrain strollers; we’ll be chatting about the ins and outs of some of our favorites; the Indie Stroller from Bumbleride, as well as the All Terrain Pro stroller from BOB. If you're anything like us; we love reading about gear, and comparing the different features. These innovative designs are made to make your parenting adventures easier… But, every adventure is going to be different; keep in mind your lifestyle as we explore the fascinating world of, all terrain strollers... and hopefully tailor outfit you for your one of a kind adventure!

First up, in no particular order; the Indie stroller from Bumbleride. The Indie is designed with longevity, comfort, safety, and environmental impact in mind. The frame is made from welded aluminum making it; not only durable, but lightweight… weighing in at just 24 pounds. With three 12” air filled tires and all wheel suspension, this guy glides like butter and makes any surface feel like a walk in the park. The front wheel has a 360 degree swivel with an in-line lock option, making it a breeze to get out and enjoy any, and all - terrain.

One feature that truly made me fall in love, is the versatility; with minor adjustments you are able to go for a stroll with your newborn, and all the way into toddler-hood maxing out at 55 lbs … Yep, no adapters needed! However, if your infant is asleep in their car seat, they do sell car seat adapters to create your very own travel system. Another well thought out feature is, the one step fold down. With the ergonomic trigger release  at the handlebar it makes the break  down seamless.

Bumbleride  values the quality of their stroller as well as the impact that their production has on the environment. Side note; while I like to think of myself as Eco conscious I’ve learned a ton of new handy acronyms that I never  knew existed, most of them pertaining to the composition of Bumbleride’s Eco fabric. So, hang in there, while I break down the incredibly innovative fabric that not only keeps your little safe, but also the Earth. Their amazing Eco fabric is made from 100% recycled PET*  (Recycled Polyester has been developed using the clear plastic water bottles) PET  & OEKO-TEX standard 100, class 1 certified. Their fabric is free from; lead, phthalates,BPA, polyurethane foam, PVC, formaldehyde, chlorine, and many more harmful chemicals (translation; safe for your little, safe for the world.)  Am I the only other person that wasn’t aware of all the harmful components that could be involved with the makings of a stroller?! Bumbleride sources 25% of plastic components from ocean plastics!!! The fabric is machine washable, UPF +45 canopy, and water resistant. Nothing has been sacrificed in design, only elevated! 

Onto the All Terrain Pro jogging stroller from BOB Gear! The Pro stroller is ready to hit the ground running. With a durable lightweight aluminum frame, super shock suspension, that soak up bumps making your little comfortable, while you  maneuver on all terrain. The tires are air filled, the front tire measures in at 12” and the back two are 16”... Sorry bumps, you don’t bother us!  The ergonomic handbrake gives you downhill control,making it easier and safer to pace yourself on long treks. The stroller takes you from 8 weeks (walking only) all the way into toddler-hood maxing out at 75lbs! Jogging and off- roading trips can start at 8 months. The stainless steel ball bearings make for a 360 degree smooth strolling, and long lasting durability. It has a swivel lock and front wheel tracking, allowing you to adjust for all terrain. 

Bob Gear does make adapters that are compatible with a number of car seats making it a breeze to create your own travel system. No need to worry about a favorite stuffy bouncing out on the bumpy trail; the zip-top cargo basket secures all your gear. The reflective rims and reflective design on the fabric, make it easy for cars to spot you even on the grayest of days. Wet, stormy days won't prevent adventures, with the all-weather canopy that is waterproof, your little is sure to stay dry. The large canopy is UPF 50+, squirmy sunscreen applications, be gone! When your venture is done, folding the stroller is extremely easy with a single twist of the hand, you're done! Once folded, the Pro stands alone! No more dirty stroller, or struggling to juggle; baby, stroller and diaper bag. It’s truly the littlest details in gear that make a huge difference! 

So, where do you lie? What is the best fit for your lifestyle? Have questions on these products, or on others we carry? Schedule a consultation here… Or shoot us a message. We love helping parents find the perfect gear that fit their needs. Smiles of excitement when customers find the right fit  is one of the many reasons we love what we do!

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