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Baby Mugging | The newest craze in baby photos!

Posted by Jade Carpenter on

I'm a total sucker for fun photos where your foreground and background meet to make unexpected results.

  • Take a coffee mug or tea cup
  • add your cute wee one laying on the ground
  • grab your preferred photography device
  • compose your shot with a nice overlap
  • snap it!

The results look a little something like this:


Now is that great or what?! I honestly had a mug in my hand and almost went down to try out a sleeping baby mug shot (see what I did there?!) but thought better of it. I'll post an update with my little man mugged in the morning....this is not a good enough reason to risk waking a sleeping babe...close but not quite.

I would absolutely LOVE to see your pics! Most them here or over on our Facebook page. I'll be drawing a random winner to gift something fun to. (Yay ambiguity!)

If you need to see more cuteness a quick web search will turn up lots of delicious pics, and believe it or not there is already a website devoted to Baby Mugging Photos!

Cheers! ~Jade


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