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Life of Ai | Easter Craft | Contact Paper Sun Catcher

Easter is just around the corner. At our home, we love cerebrating this beautiful season after a long Montana winter with arts and crafts in natural light.

We all have waited so long for the spring and sunshine to arrive.

Sun catchers.

Oh, how I love you. Adding a little splash of color at the windows really brings everyone's spirit up! It is one of the most versatile, easy, and beautiful craft that kids of all ages can enjoy. So, Easter is no exception. Our glassed in porch becomes the showcase of our works.

I first came across this "Contact Paper Sun Catcher" idea in the Artful Parent blog. It is basically a collage of materials placed on a sticky transparent shelf liner, which can be put directly onto a glass surface or another sheet of matching shaped Contact Paper to "seal" it so you can hang it with a string. (The Artful Parent has a detailed instructions on the "how to" on her blog.)

I have a preschooler and a toddler, and they can both create an amazing piece according to their own developmental skill levels. So, for Easter, I simply cut up Contact Paper into egg shapes, have the kids help me cut up some colored tissued paper, and just let them take it from there. My five year old would try to create patterns. He thinks more about colors and designs, whereas my two year old just enjoyed the fact that tissue paper sticks on to the Contact Paper. They both enjoyed the process very much. No drama from toddler interference on the big boy's masterpiece. Now any mom of a toddler would also appreciate that there has been no mention of glues or paint here! Yes, the clean up is easy.
Honestly, how many other projects are there that can be appealing to such a wide range of age group and still toddler and mom friendly? Not as many as I wish. So, give it a shot, if you haven't already! And...when you do, please make sure to share your masterpiece with us. Use glitters, flowers, leaves, tapes, yarns...there's endless possibilities. We all could use an inspiration from YOU!

Happy Easter, and happy crafting!!

Ai Yuasa-Green (a guest blogger)

Note: Local supply for Contact Paper--Target (or other stores like it), or hardware stores. Look for it in the adhesive shelf liner section.

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Crystal - April 16, 2014

Looks great Ai. It has been my intention for a long time to pick up contact paper. With your encouragement, I may actually get it done!

Allison - April 16, 2014


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