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Sage Long Sleeve Sleep Bag Walker - 2.6 TOG

$ 72.00

Our popular Walker now comes with long sleeves for extra cozy! Your growing little one can sleep super comfy + move about safely in our long sleeve sleep bag walker, which means no need to give up the sleep bags yet. Keep them tucked in yummy down alternative surrounded by silky soft bamboo rayon with our unique easy-to-undo, potty-ready zipper. This versatile piece is also the perfect companion for your little explorer's everyday adventures, ensuring your child stays snug and cozy even during brisk outings. 

  • Genius easy access zipper for Potty or diaper changes. No need to undress. Just unzip the inseam zipper for fast no-hassle access
  • Luxuriously soft bamboo from rayon surrounds the fluffy comfort of down alternative
  • Mimics the feel and insulating ability of luxury down.
  • Breathable material for baby's sensitive or eczema skin and temp control
  • Rounded zipper pulls for added safety
  • Zipper covers to protect baby

TOG Guide: 

Use the TOG guide below to figure out which weight is right for your baby’s sleeping conditions. Remember, these temperatures are for the nursery temperature your baby is sleeping in.