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Pure Slumber Toddler Size Bed Pillow w/ 100% Organic Cotton Pillowcase

$ 24.99

Toddler pillow filled with hygienic synthetic down and perfectly sized for children over 18 months of age. Includes a 100% organic cotton removable cover.

13" x 18"


The Little Dreamer Toddler Pillow is ideal for your child's first pillow. Intended for children over 18 months of age, this toddler pillow is UL GREENGUARD® GOLD certified and perfectly sized for young children. 


  • Travel pillow
  • Plush cuddle toy 

Made in the USA, our toddler pillows are filled with a hygienic, synthetic down called Fusion™ Fiberfill and won’t flatten or clump no matter the amount of use. The Little Dreamer Toddler Pillow also comes with a 100% organic cotton removable cover. 


Launder your pillow with or without the removable 100% organic cotton cover. Simply toss in the washer or dryer as needed. Wash on gentle. Fluff pillow after removing from dryer.