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Invidyo Smart Video Baby Monitor

by Invidyo
$ 129.99

Invidyo gives you peace of mind when monitoring your baby at home or away from your smartphone, tablet, computer or Amazon Echo Show. Don't miss a moment of your baby's day while you are away with Smart Daily Summary Videos and the Smile Album.

Crying Detection & Analysis
Invidyo can distinguish a baby's crying from other sounds in the home. It sends a mobile notification and captures a video clip when it detects crying. Invidyo also analyzes crying data and provides hourly statistics to help parents recognize trends or anomalies in their child's routine. 
Sleep Logging & Analysis
Invidyo allows parents to log the time when their child goes to bed and wakes up. Parents can get detailed information about number of naps, total sleep duration, and overall sleep patterns. 
Smart Alarms
Invidyo detects loud noises, motion or sudden changes in room temperature. In case of any of these events, invidyo will record the corresponding video and send a mobile notification. Alarm sensitivity is customizable in the mobile application.
Daily Highlights Video
No need to spend hours watching the recordings of the entire day. Invidyo smart daily highlights video provides a fast and easy way for parents to view the most important events of their child's day.
Secure Streaming & Storage
Videos are streamed using bank level security from the camera to the mobile device. Recordings are also encrypted so that only authorized users (parents/grandparents/caregiver etc.) can securely access them. You can purchase a subscription plan to keep your videos stored on the invidyo cloud.
Two Way Communication & Lullaby Playback
Parents can hear and talk to their baby from the mobile app or have the invidyo camera play a lullaby to soothe their loved ones. Also includes white noise and shushing sounds to help baby fall asleep. 
So of the above features may only be available with an active invidyo subscription. Your camera purchase includes a 30 day free trial of invidyo subscription. See for details. 
  • Wired & Wireless Connection Options
  • Wide Angle 1080p Full HD Video with Clear Night Vision
  • Temperature Sensor & Remote Pan & Tilt
  • Easy Setup

Two Options Available!!

Option 1:
Invidyo Smart Camera 

Option 2:
Invidyo Smart Camera with 1 year Invidyo subscription