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Hen - Large

$ 35.00

The Living Nature Hen Soft Toy is a delightful chicken plush toy that will capture your heart! This stuffed chicken toy is simply stunning and sure to surprise anyone with its attention to realism and exquisite design.

Immerse yourself in the lifelike features and exceptional workmanship of this plush hen. It's a perfect addition to any farm animal soft toy collection, and its uniqueness becomes a captivating talking point when visitors spot this remarkable toy. The multi-tonal faux fur fabrics have been thoughtfully chosen and designed to closely resemble the feathers of its real-life counterpart, creating a visually striking and authentic look.

With bright and expressive eyes, a small red comb atop its head, and adorable short and stumpy yellow feet, this plush hen is a true embodiment of charm. Crafted with eco-friendly stuffing, it's not only a quirky and unique addition to a soft toy collection but also an eco-conscious choice.

Made in China