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Floral Gold Stokke Limas Baby Carrier

by Stokke
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Half buckle carrier for optimal comfort & support. From newborn

  • Adjustable as your baby grows from 7 lbs to 33 lbs​
  • Ergonomic support & comfort​
  • Easy-to-use front, back & hip carrying options​
  • Lightweight & snug fit​
  • Made with soft, 100% cotton

The Stokke® Limas™ Carrier combines the advantages of a baby wrap with an ergonomic carrier and can be used from birth (3,2kg / 7lb). It's a half buckle carrier made from wrap fabrics and provides freedom of movement and safety every step of the way. Made with soft cotton, it expands as your baby grows to keep them comfy & close at all times. Although this carrier is perfectly designed for newborns, thanks to the adjustable base and back panel, the carrier can be expanded to your baby’s size giving them a spread-squat seating position during those early years up until 15kg / 33lb. Front, back and hip carrying options give parents a lot of flexibility. Made of double-layered wrap fabrics, the spreadable shoulder straps help to evenly distribute your baby’s weight during carrying. Between these two layers of material is a sewn-in pocket into which shoulder padding can be inserted for extra comfort. The carrier is easy to use. Simply buckle the waistbelt, then after putting the carrier on, pull the straps tight and tie them in a double knot.

  • Provides freedom of movement
  • Wide, spreadable shoulder straps made of 2-layer babywearing fabric
  • Shoulder straps narrower towards the ends for easy knotting
  • Insertable shoulder pads for more flexibility (included)
  • Base ensures correct squat–spread position
  • Continuously adjustable base (from 7.9 to 16.5 in) to ensure correct squat–spread position
  • Straight, padded waistbelt with padded buckle (adjustable from 23.6 to 55.1 in, waistbelt extension available)
  • Height of back panel can be adjusted by folding down the waistbelt
  • Comes with chest belt for back carrying
  • Compact & lightweight for easy storage when not in use
  • Material: 100% cotton*
  • (*Valerian beige only: 50% cotton, 50% linen)
  • Do not need to be washed before being used for the first time
  • Machine washable at low temperature (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and low spin

Three Carrying Options 

Parent facing
Front carrying

The best position for newborns and older babies: keep your little one close to you at all times!

Parent Facing
Back carrying

Your baby is 5+ months and wants to go on adventures with you? Then it’s time for back carrying!

Parent Facing
Hip carrying

Hip carrying can be used from birth & is perfect if your little one wants to look around a bit more.



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What's Included 

  • Carrier with waist belt
  • Chest belt
  • Shoulder Pads

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