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Fairy Bamboo & Cotton Sleep Sack - 0.6 TOG

$ 40.00

The sleep sack that helps your baby fall asleep (and stay safely asleep). So you can sleep too. Designed with built-in temperature control, easy diaper changes, and buttery-soft coziness.

• Bamboo 70% cotton 30% blended
• 0.6 TOG perfect for room temps between 74°F-78°F
• Suitable for all season
• Room to grow

Sleeveless Design For Temperature Control 

Sleeveless design prevents overheating and helps your baby sleep longer. Freedom of movement in the arms allows them to self-soothe themselves back to sleep. 

Hassle-Free Diaper Changes 

Smooth pulling two-way bottom zipper for easy diaper changes. Top zip cover protects your baby’s face from scraping. Keep your baby content by not having to take their sleep sack off. 

Adorable Non-Toxic Print 

The absolute cutest print, made with safe fiber-reactive dye that can’t be scraped or licked off. More peace of mind for you.

Fabric & Care 

• Rayon made from organic bamboo/cotton
• Machine wash cold