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Denim Triangle Stretchy Crib Sheet

$ 40.00

Stretchy Crib Sheets: If you’ve ever broken a sweat trying to put your little one’s crib sheets on–you haven’t tried Saranoni. Our Stretchy Crib sheets are made with a perfect blend of polyester, rayon and spandex, ensuring that they’ll slip on and off of your crib mattress-no sweat required! Not to mention, this softer-than-soft fabric will be luxuriously gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin!

Stretchy Crib Sheet - Sized at 52”x28”x9”

Fabric - 63% Polyester, 34% Rayon, 3% Spandex


To wash, simply wash on cold and tumble dry or lay flat to enjoy your Stretchy Crib Sheets for years to come!