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FantaColor Daisy Shape Sorter

$ 35.00
Daisy contains 7 holes of different shapes and colors, to help the child to insert every shape in the correct hole. The Daisy also becomes a container to store the blocks.
Product Info:

A timeless favorite: this is the classic "shape sorter toy" in a brand new and original version. It features a daisy-shaped base with seven holes in different sizes and bright colors, each corresponding to the blocks that your little one will learn to recognize and drop into the right hole.
Each shape is coordinated with a different color so that children can easily find the matching pieces and sort them by shape and color, strengthening their hand-eye coordination, as well as their early motor skills and dexterity. The daisy shaped board turns into a practical lid for the capacious bucket where all 14 pieces can be conveniently stored.
It is a fun surprise for children to lift the lid and see all the blocks reappear, ready to start over again for endless hours of great and totally safe play!
What's included:
2 light blue triangular blocks
2 purple flower-shaped blocks
2 red square-shaped blocks
2 orange star-shaped blocks
1 daisy-shaped base with 7 holes in different colours
1 bucket
2 green shamrock-shaped blocks
2 yellow cylindrical blocks
2 blue cross-shaped blocks