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Babyark Convertible Car Seat

by Babyark
$ 990.00
Color: Eggshell White/Moonlight

Meet Babyark - the newest convertible car seat!

The new standard in car seat safety brings together performance engineering, protective design and the highest-grade materials for unparalleled protection and comfort.

– Position in both:
   Rear-facing: 4-55 lbs. (1.8-25 kg)
   Forward-facing: 26.5-65 lbs. (12-29.5 kg)

– Carbon fiber and steel core
– Innovative energy absorption technology pioneered by the military
– rigid lower anchors combined with load leg, rebound bar and energy ansorbtion coils

– separate bases can be purchased for easy transfer to other vehicles 

– Simple app-guided installation


- Fire retardant materials with no added chemicals
- Fabric covers with magnetic straps for easy access
- Easy zip on & off fabric covers, machine wash
- Adjustable JoltFree™ headrest position
- Adjustable recline position
- Adjustable shoulder pads and chest clip
- Cup holder (Coming soon)

What the box contains:

- babyark seat
- babyark ACTV8™ smart base
- Removable infant insert
- Charging cable
- Lower anchor funnels

An ecosystem of safety

The babyark safety system consists of 3 parts:
the seat, base and mobile app. Together they work in perfect harmony to keep your baby safe and secure at all times.

The Seat
A sturdy carbon fiber frame shields a cozy interior of specialized alpha gel to cradle baby in energy-absorbing comfort.
The Base
The base of the seat tracks your progress, illuminating each step as you complete it.
The App
Verify that your seat is connected, securely installed, and that your child is buckled in safely.