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  • $ 89.99

    Perch Hook-on Chair

    Guzzie & Guss

    The amazingly portable guzzie+Guss Perch portable hanging high chair provides a seat at just about any table, anywhere. It’s a space saver at home ...

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    $ 89.99
  • $ 31.00

    Ceres Chill Milkstache

    Ceres Chill

     An earth-friendly solution that keeps your milk safe for months without taking up your entire freezer or risking snagged bags and wasted milk. We ...

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    $ 31.00
  • from $ 20.00

    Pura Kiki® 11oz Sippy Bottle


    The 11oz sippy cup is the ideal transition for your toddler when he or she is ready to move away from a nipple bottle. Like all products in the kik...

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    from $ 20.00
  • $ 14.95

    360 Cup for kids

    Meet our 360 cups: supporting independent drinking, with a twist! Great for littlies that are learning to drink, our 360 cup lets kids sip from su...

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    $ 14.95
  • $ 13.00

    Silicone Bib

    Lil North Co.

    This silicone bib help keep your lil one clean while adding a dash of fun to mealtime! Featuring an adjustable neck strap and a deep front pocket, ...

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    $ 13.00
  • Pura Kiki® XL Sipper Spouts™ 2 pack - Nature Baby Outfitter
    Pura Kiki® XL Sipper Spouts™ 2 pack - Nature Baby Outfitter
    $ 7.99

    Pura Kiki® XL Sipper Spouts™ 2 pack


    Our design and development team took up the challenge of creating the best non-plastic sip spout on the market. In accordance with the desires of l...

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    $ 7.99
  • $ 7.00

    Zipper Snack Bag | Planet Wise

    Planet Wise

    Zipper Snack Bag ~ Bag Your Snack Stuff!™ Size: 7" x 3.5" Planet Wise has a new Snack Line that you're sure to love! All of our Sandwich and Snack ...

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    $ 7.00
  • Pura Kiki® Natural Vent Nipples™ 2 pack - Nature Baby Outfitter
    $ 6.00

    Pura Kiki® Natural Vent Nipples™ 2 pack


    Pura’s feeding systems are not only the safest in the world but our new Natural Vent Nipple™ was designed to mimic the variable flow rate of breast...

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    $ 6.00
  • $ 5.95

    Mini Travel Flork - Set of 3 for kids

    The perfect lunchbox companion: Our mini florks (because they're flower forks!) lets kids pick up fruit, veggies, and meat safely and hygienically....

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    $ 5.95
  • $ 4.50

    Frost Reusable Silicone Straw & Keychain Case | GoSili


    Standard reusable silicone straw won’t melt in your drink like a paper straw or hurt your teeth like a stainless-steel straw Measuring 8 inches ta...

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    $ 4.50