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Natural Bubble Bath Dough

$ 10.00

Punkin Butt’s Natural Bubble Bath Dough Set is perfectly delightful and fun for everyone!

Children will be excited about bath time when they can squish and shape their soap and then turn it into a bath full of bubbles.

Don't take baths?

You can use it in the shower too! It’s like a squishy bar of soap and also makes a wonderful shampoo.

Made with simple and natural ingredients, your skin will love this soap.

NOTE: Punkin Butt’s Natural Bubble Bath Dough is not play dough. It has a slightly stickier feel to it and is meant to be played with in the bathtub or ran under running water to create bubbles.

It only takes a golf-ball-sized piece of bath dough to soap up your kiddo, so you can get a couple of baths out of each color.

Once wet and used, never put it back in the original container!