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Baby Carriers

What is Babywearing?

"Babywearing" simply means holding or carrying a baby or young child using a cloth baby carrier. Holding babies is natural and universal; baby carriers make it easier and more comfortable, allowing parents and caregivers to hold or carry their children while attending to the daily tasks of living. Babywearing helps a new dad put a fussy newborn to sleep. It allows a new mom use both hands to make a sandwich. It lets an experienced parent or caregiver carry a baby on her back and wash the dishes, do the laundry, take a hike, or weed the garden, all while keeping the baby safe and content.

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    Cozy-Dry Baby Carrier Cover

    Jan & Jul

    JAN & JUL Cozy-Dry Carrier Cover Designed by moms with active families in mind, we use the highest quality waterproof fabrics to keep your infa...

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    $ 52.00