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When we decided to start bringing in woven wraps I knew Ovolo had to be in our lineup of options!  Ovolo is out of Bozeman Montana!!!  Yes you read that right... A Montana Company :)  For those of you that don't know OVOLO was founded by Kim Ormsby after wearing all of her children through the years.  Does the name Kim Ormsby sound familiar to you?  Well that is because she is also the founder of Grovia!!!!  

When I was choosing which of their wraps to bring in for this first order I stuck with some of my favorites.  The Lark Glacier is by far one of their softest floppiest wraps that Ovolo offers.  And Given that we live right here with Glacier Park in our backyard I brought in a few different sizes so that there will be enough Lark Glacier love to go around.  


In addition to the Lark Glacier we brought in a few heavier wraps for added support for those of you that want a solution that can feel weightless even through toddlerhood.  The Fletching Tahiti is a fun vibrant carrier that compliments almost any outfit.  Heartwood is a fun play on the amazing pattern of wood grain.  Last but not least in this batch was the Ombre Bitterroot which is an extremely limited edition wrap that we were lucky enough to get our hands on!  It seems intimidating when you see it in the bag but trust me... it is a WHOLE NEW WRAP when it is not in loom state.  A good wash will make this wrap BLOOM into a soft fluffy dream!

Come get your hands on , and your baby in, an Ovolo wrap at our Grand Opening where Ovolo will be 15% off!!


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