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Every purchase though the end of the year gets you entered to win $1,200 in gift cards!
Every purchase though the end of the year gets you entered to win $1,200 in gift cards!

Titan/Granite Kid Comfort 1 Carrier | Deuter

$ 210.00

The Deuter Kid Comfort 1 Pack will carry your kid so your arms don't have to. Enjoy nature and share it with your little one with this entry level carrier. Cushioned shoulder straps and hipbelt help transfer the weight properly while little one gazes into the trees or falls fast asleep. Set it on the ground while loading the child and any small items the kid may need (extra diapers, bottles, ect).

FEATURES of the Deuter Kid Comfort 1 Pack

Back System Features

  • AirComfort Back System
  • VariQuick Adjustable Shoulder Harness
  • Shoulder Straps with3D Mesh Lining

Child Cockpit Features

  • Adjustable 5-point Child Safety Harness
  • Height Adjustable Seat
  • Breathable Child Seat Cushions
  • Fits torso length 15 - 20 in.

Safety Features

  • JPMA Approved and Carry the GS Certificate
  • Frame Padding Adds Child Comfort
  • Fold Out Kickstand
  • Sturdy Frame Construction
  • 3M Reflector Loop
  • Maximum Carrying Capacity 48.5 lbs / 22 kg

Other Features

  • Mesh Side Pockets
  • Teddy Bear
  • Large Zipped Cargo Space Under the Seat
  • Anti-Chafe Wrap for Child's Inner Legs

Comfort System Safety and Comfort

  • VariQuick or VariFit Back Systems Kid Comfort models can be effortlessly adjusted to the wearer's individual back length
  • VariQuick on the Kid Comfort 1
  • Height adjustable seat is easily and generously adjustable Lift the buckle under the chin pad to lower the seat, or tighten the adjustment strap to lift the seat Slip one hand under the seat to support the lift The height adjustable seat perfectly accommodates the growing child, keeping the chin level with the upper half of the chin pad
  • Kid comfort 2 and 3 the soft, ergonomic chin pad with side support provides comfortable stability for the head and the upper body when the child falls asleep and slouches forward The head will not fall sidewards and the cervical spine is stabilized
  • The allround padded cockpit ensures stability from all sides and a cosy, protected position with an unrestricted view and great freedom of movement
  • Padded adjustable 5-point safety harness with color-coded buckles offers maximum safety but also easy handling and adjustment It faux further prevents the child from excess swaying and makes it easy to balance on difficult terrain