Tickles & Toots LLC Miniloones / Maxaloones Grow with me pants

  • $ 20.00

It can be frustrating buying a pair of pants that may only fit your little one for a few weeks to months.  This is where the Grow with Me style pants like Miniloone come in handy since they offer waist and leg bands that you can roll to fit your little one for the fit you need.  ONE single pair of pants can fit up to 12 months for most kiddos.

This image shows the same pair of pants range of size just by adjusting the leg and waist bands.

The Yoga band is a nice comfortable alternative to an elastic band that most baby pants have.

These are also great for baby-wearing so you can keep those little ankles warm and protected when they are up.  

The bum circle also is a great option for those fluffy buns of cloth diapered little ones as it can offer a little more stretch and give.

In stock items are listed below but custom orders are welcomed and encouraged.  The best part about having a custom order made is you can ask for a bigger neck/head area.  Long and lean or wide options to better fit your little!

Custom Sizes can be made to accommodate skinny mini, long legs and leg rolls.  All you have to do is ask!  The Bum Circle is also optional so if you would prefer a solid pair we can have that done too!  We can also ask to have your waist band halved.

*Note: Adorable babies and or other goodies that may be featured in the photo are not included in the price... the goodies very well may be for sale but the adorable babies are not. :)  Custom Order Pricing may vary depending on the options you want (fox ear AND tail etc.) If the price does change (+ or -) from this original quote you will be disclosed the final price prior to the product being created.