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Starry Knight Bamboo Duvet gunaPod Sleep Bag - 1.0 TOG

$ 54.00

Get ready for this amazing wearable blanket to revolutionize your little one's sleep routine!! 

The gently weighted gunaPOD® Sack lulls baby into a comfort-induced sleep for the best, easiest and most comfortable baby sleep bag. Its patented design feels like a luxurious down comforter and evenly distributes the optimal weight to mimic a calming hug, soothing baby to faster and longer sleep. When you want the easiest diaper change, use the genius four-way WONDERZiP® to unzip only the bottom of the sack, keeping baby warm. You’ll wish we had one in your size.

    • When we say easiest diaper changes we mean it. No need to poke baby’s legs through a zipper or open entire sack. Just unzip the bottom, change, zip, done.
    • Use it your way with three options: open the sack from the bottom for genius easy changes while baby stays covered + cozy; open it completely from either side for sleeping-baby transfers; or open the middle. Your choice.
    • Feel the difference. Luxurious, ultra-soft bamboo viscose and Premium fill duvet feels like a cloud.
    • The most generous fit of any sack – wider, longer, larger armholes, is a more comfortable fit.
    • Extra room for hip-healthy kicking and folding legs.
    • Tested for most desirable weight
    • Thermal-regulating, moisture-wicking fabric, hypoallergenic.
    • So comfortable it puts baby to sleep


  • Certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • Rigorously tested by Leading JPMA Certified Lab
  • Exceeds U.S. and Canada safety standards
  • Free of toxins, BPA, phthalates and flame retardants
  • Bamboo plants do not need pesticides
  • Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultants Approved + Used
  • First Candle Safe Sleep Award



  • Small: 3-9 months, SACK length 29″
  • Medium: 9-18 months, SACK length 31″
  • Large: 18-24 months, SACK length 35″
  • XL: 24-36 months, SACK length 38″


Care Instructions:

  • Fabric details:
    • hypoallergenic, breathable, wicks moisture, eco-friendly, thermal regulating
    • Ultra-soft 95% bamboo viscose, 5% spandex
    • 1.0 TOG, ideal for 72-80F/22-26C
    • 2.6 TOG, ideal for 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Machine Wash/Dry
  • Care details:
    • Wash in cold water on delicate cycle
    • Tumble dry on low heat