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Solid g2 One Size Pocket Diaper with 6-r Soaker- SNAP

$ 24.00
Color: Aquarius

Get ready to revolutionize your diapering routine with these g2 pocket diapers! Perfect for quick diaper changes and they come in cute solid colors!

Pocket diapers are becoming a customer favorite because of how easy they are to use and alter the absorbency with.  For parents that have kids at the age where they don't have time to sit still for a diaper change you need something quick and easy.  The one-size pocket diaper from Rumparooz fits babies from 6-35lbs. They also have a patented inner gusset which is amazing for holding in newborn to toddler poo. Each pocket diaper comes with a set of 2 6r soaker pads for one complete diaper change.  You can also "stuff" the pockets with other absorbency options like prefolds, flats, bamboo soakers etc. to fit your child's needs.


Each diaper comes with a Rumparooz 6-r soaker. Each soaker includes:

1-Full size Micro Terry Insert with snap down setting
1-Contoured Newborn Micro Terry Insert
6 size/absorbency combination settings

Rumparooz is the ONLY cloth diaper today hat has been uniquely designed, and patented, to contain the messiest of messes. The 2 gentle internal gussets channel each leg creating no chance of escape for that evil poo!  No need to pack multiple clothing options or plan to change an outfit each time you change a diaper due to blowouts!  Keep that cute outfit clean!