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Samantha Floral Embroidered Hair Barrette

$ 24.00

Add a touch of style to your little one's hair with our Samantha Floral Embroidered Hair Barrettes. These cute and stylish barrettes are perfect for keeping hair in place, making it a fuss-free and fashionable accessory for your child.

• Each hair clip is hand embroidered on sturdy stainless steel clip.
• These adorable, trendy and feminine snap clips are the perfect back to school hair clips or any other occasions: go to walk, picnic.

These bow hair clips will complete any outfit and make for a great gift. You can use them for holding bangs back.

• Size: 2.7"

• Wash: Fill a clean glass with cool water and add a drop of mild laundry detergent. Let the clip soak for 5 mins. Remove the clip and wash with cool water.
• Use a clean towel to pat down the clip. Set it on a towel to dry