Rumparooz Lil Joey All In One Diaper 2 Pack

  • $ 20.00
  • Save $ 10

These tiny Lil Joey newborn diapers are sure to make you say aww.  They are designed to fit snuggly from approximately 4-12lbs. Like all of the KangaCare diapers they come complete with their patented leak protection technology of dual inner gussets, a double barrier that channels each leg. This means there is no chance of escape for liquid newborn poo that is infamous for causing the newborn blowout in disposable diapers!

Additionally, these have a snap down front for sensitive cord care during those first days allowing you a great fit with cloth from day one.

The internal soaker is 4 layers of microfiber that have been sewn into the core of the diaper creating a one piece system that requires no cover.