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Pail Liner | KangaCare

$ 19.00
Color: Nautical

    What do you store your dirty cloth diapers in? How about a pail liner! 

    So what is so awesome about the Kanga Care Pail Liners you ask?

    • NO LEAKING from the seams due to Barrier Seam Sealing
      No need for you to  be gluing nor ironing to seal seams like you do with some of the other brands (ain't nobody got time for that).

    • East to fill and easy to empty 3D Design
      The BARREL shape allows for an easy fill compared to other flat/envelope style liners. Not only do these fit perfectly in a diaper pail or even a garbage can but thanks to the cleaver design, this pail liner can also stand alone if needed. 
      Size: 26" tall 16" diameter 54" around

    • NO-Stink Fabric
      The design of the TPU creates a waterproof laminate on the inside where the dirty diapers are. This keeps the dirty diapers off the outside fabric, which can cause permanent stink issues like some of the other brands experience.  And no one wants a yucky smelling diaper pail liner in their home.

    • Drawstring Closure to ensure a good fit
      The drawstring helps ensure a good fit for any pail size. Simply place in pail/can and cinch the drawstring down for a snug and exact fit. The fabric is also cuffed at the top so when you use it in a pail you will be able to see the fun print or color!  Staff Tip: If using this in a round kitchen garbage can as a diaper pail you can cinch the drawstring over the lid when you have an exceptionally stinky diaper in there you want to contain until laundry day.

    • Biodegradable
      Kanga Care pail liners are biodegradable when composted and will break down in 4.5-5 years. (drawstring and toggle will not break down)

      Machine wash with your diapers inside out and follow your standard cloth diaper laundry routine.

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