OsoCozy Stay Dry Better Fit Prefolds

  • $ 2.99

"Stay Dry" prefolds are designed to keep baby dry and happy.  These new prefolds are lined with a soft layer of micro suede, which wicks moisture away from baby's skin and into the cotton prefold diaper material below.  These prefolds leave baby drier and more comfortable.  It is specifically made and sized to be used inside a diaper cover using a tri-fold type fold.  Make sure that when tri-folding, that the soft micro suede side is facing up.  These new diapers are available in our three "Better Fit" sizes.

Because our shorter "Better Fit" prefolds have been such as success we decided to offer the Stay Dry Prefolds in Better Fit sizes.
What we have is a modern version of the prefold that is still an economical choice but offers the convenience of tri-folding and the comfort of a stay dry layer for baby. 

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