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Nomi Highchair | Evomove

by Evomove
$ 409.95
Color: White & White Oak

The Nomi Concept

Include the Entire Family in Meal Time Right from the Start

Europeans have included their children in family meal time from the very beginning. They should not be isolated from the rest of the family in a high chair with a tray. Mealtimes become more relaxed and children find it easier to concentrate on the activities taking place around the table if they are comfortable. By including young children at the dinner table they learn manners, language and socialization skills. In order for the child to sit comfortably at the table you have to bring the child up to the table and equally important, "bring the floor up" to the child's feet.

Peter Opsvik has more than 40 years of experience designing chairs for children, as well as adults. Nomi's design is based on his philosophy that children need a safe and stable platform from which to move while they sit. Nomi's footrest, together with the seat and backrest, provide support in many different positions, so that the child can sit actively with free mobility-thus encouraging the child's development. Your child's motor skills are constantly evolving and Nomi evolves with them. Nomi provides support for every stage of your child's development-from newborn to teenager. This is the Nomi Concept.

Nomi Baby (Newborn - approx. 6 Months):

Nomi Baby is designed to provide your baby with a soft and cozy spot at the center of the family.  It allows you to bring your newborn up to the table right from birth, lifting them off of the floor-away from dust and pets, which allows them to be included in family bonding time right from the start. The raised height is ideal for "talking", playing, interacting and keeping good eye contact with your baby. Nomi Baby is easy to move around the house, wherever you need an extra hand-and it seamlessly adjusts between almost horizontal and more upright positions to match the changing needs of your baby. 

Nomi High Chair (Approx. 6 month - 2 years):

When your child is around 6 months old, or able to sit up on their own, it's time to transition to the Nomi High Chair. Simply replace Nomi Baby with the backrest, seat with restraint, back and footrest and you now have the Nomi High Chair. The Nomi High Chair will provide support and freedom to move - the best foundation for developing your child's motor skills. The Nomi High Chair is EASY TO CLEAN which is one of the top requirements for parents when looking for a high chair! Its sleek design doesn't trap food and Nomi is lightweight which makes cleaning a breeze - you can even hang it on the table edge to clean the floor underneath.

Nomi Chair (Around 2 years - Teenager+)

When your toddler is around two years old and able to climb up and down from the chair on their own, it's time to remove the restraint and harness. In the beginning you may need to offer a little help getting up and down. After a while your child will be able to use the Nomi Chair without your help. The Nomi Chair is designed to stimulate movement and the seamless adjustment helps provide safe support as they grow. Movement strengthens your child's motor skills and learning capacity - and prevents passive sitting habits in the future. No more dangling feet. No need for a booster seat.

Active Sitting

Children need to move, especially when they sit. This is why a good high chair offers the child support as well as freedom to move - both while sitting at the table and climbing in and out of the chair.

Nomi was developed from an ambition to create the world's best seating solution from newborn to the teenage years and beyond, in terms of both form and function. Nomi seamlessly adjusts without tools and will evolve with your child's changing needs for support at the family table. The soft, organic contours are pleasing to the eye and invite the child to stay active in many different sitting positions.  

Nomi easily adjusts, seamlessly and without tools, to meet the changing needs of your newborn all the way to being a teenager.

You can adjust the seat and footrest by turning a knob, which is easily loosened and tightened by hand. This means that you can quickly adjust Nomi to match the changing needs of your child-or to fit visiting children or grandchildren of varying ages. The tapered shape of the stem provides added safety as it prevents the seat and footrest from sliding, in case you forget to tighten the knob completely.

Nomi should be adjusted to match the height of your child and the table. Start by positioning the seat so that your child's elbows are at table top level; then adjust the footrest so that the thighs are level and the feet are resting flat with lower legs at a 90 degree angle. The unique design of the stem ensures that the depth of the seat and footrest are always correct.

Bring the child up to the table and the floor up to the child's feet with the footrest. A solid footrest is the foundation for all movement and healthy motor development.


The cure for fidgeting! When sitting on either a booster seat or an adult chair with dangling feet, children get fidgety and uncomfortable, making it hard for them to focus on their meal. Sitting on their knees cuts off their circulation and makes them uncomfortable and fidgety. 

You probably didn't even know your child was so uncomfortable at meal time! This is actually a long term problem as your child cannot sit comfortably in an adult chair until they are at least 10 years old. This means they have to suffer through up to 8,000 meals being uncomfortable. 

The Nomi Chair brings your child up to the table and the floor up to their feet, so they are always comfortable, like you are in a regular adult-sized chair.

Ready to grow

Your child's motor skills are constantly evolving-and the results are greater competencies and independence. Nomi provides perfect support for every stage of your child's development as they grow up. Not just for meals, it's also perfect for all kinds of activities, homework, crafts, coloring, games, or just spending time with family.