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Stock up with our amazing sale selection!
Stock up with our amazing sale selection!

Natural Wood Rocker/Balance Board

$ 240.00

 The Balance board was designed to help develop motor skills, agility and to unleash kids' boundless energy and creativity in a safe way. Creative thinking and imagination will also be enhanced. It helps develop the vestibular apparatus and increase the child’s coordination of movements while constantly strengthening your child’s muscles.

♥ Weight limit: 100 kg (220 lb).
♥ Standard Size for children from 2 to 8 years.

♥ Ladder board in an elegant, modern design combining for exciting, imaginative, and joyful playing with learning and development.

♥ You can use it as a swing, stash, seat, climbing frame, or slide.
♥ Safety instructions:
- Small children who are in danger of falling should use the rocking toy only under parental control
- The maximum carrying capacity is 50 kg (110 ib), for the small board and 100 kg (220 ib), for a large board.
- The rocking toy is designed for indoor use.
- Should be used only on the even floor
- Do not leave the rocking toy near an open fire or any other source of radiant heat
- Remove the rocking toy from use immediately after it has been damaged