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1st Annual Warehouse SALE is LIVE
1st Annual Warehouse SALE is LIVE

Make Your Own Pom Pom Ballerina

$ 10.00

Perfect for five to ten year olds, children will love creating their own ballerina peg doll. Once the pom pom has been created with the help of the wooden needle & pom pom maker, the peg doll dancer can be assembled & decorated using the watercolour pencils. Their very own ballerina will then be at the ready for magical performances.

Use our watercolor pencils to color-in your chick head, wings, main body and feet to your tastes. Then, attach your home-made pom-pom as the tummy and create the softest, fluffiest pom-pom chick out there.

-wooden Peg doll
-pom pom makers
-watercolor pencils
-wooden needle
-mini paintbrush
-keepsake tin