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Magical Night Tales Here I Grow Play Yard | Tiny Love

$ 250.00


 Age Tips:

0-2+ months
The Gymini’s contrasting black, white and vibrant colors, textures, and sounds stimulate baby’s senses from day one. Be sure to hang the soft mobile at around 9-10 inches from baby's face, and let them enjoy its simple black-and-white geometric shapes specially designed to help promote newborns’ vision development.
2-4 months
Crawling and sitting requires stomach and back muscle development. To encourage this, make sure your baby spends time on their stomach. The playmat’s interactive mirror is designed to engage your baby at eye level, thus extending tummy time with visual and engaging emotional stimulation.
3-5 months
Introducing babies to different textures helps develop their tactile sense and encourages the development of fine motor skills. The features enliven your baby’s experience whether on their tummy or on their back.
4-6 months
It's time now for your baby to explore the playmat's various features in a more sophisticated way. As their understanding of cause and effect takes shape, babies realize that they can actually make things happen! With so many enjoyable experiences, the play yard will become a familiar and restful place for your child to return for quiet-time or for napping as they get older.
The play yard is a safe space with plenty of room for your baby’s next development stage, allowing them to explore and continue to grow.