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Every purchase though the 31st enters you to win a Limo Stroller.
Every Purchase enters you to win a Limo Stroller through the 31st of October. Every Sale item purchased gets you a bonus entry!

Lime 3-in-1 Macaroni Boots | Butler

$ 70.00

The Original 3-in-1 concept

1. All weather boot
(boot and liner)
Your children’s feet should never get wet or cold, from cold winters -30F to sunny outdoor summertime fun +68F. Our products are 100% waterproof, in addition to the 16mm thick tech liner that provides extra comfort and protection against moisture, whether from inside or outside.

2. Slipper
(liner only)
Our tech liners are too much fun to always remain inside the boot! Comfortable, antimicrobial and cute looking, our liners are perfect for all indoor adventures!

3. Overshoe
(boot minus liner)
You’ve invested in good quality shoes for your little one. Now you can protect your investment from the elements and let them wear their favorite perfect-fit shoes every day, whatever the weather. Makes life easier for children, their parents and their teachers!

Slipping into a pair of Butler’s with shoes on really is child’s play. All your children have to do is pull out the liner, step into their Butler’s wearing any pair of shoes, secure the strap and you’re ready to go! ANY. PAIR. OF. SHOES.


100% waterproof
Butler boots are perfect for puddle jumping and keeping little feet dry, warm and cozy, whatever the weather. Splash around or stay outside building snowmen for hours. From rain and sun to snow and cold, you’re covered!

All weather versatility
Little feet and their shoes need protection from the rain, sleet and snow. From -30F to +68F, children can wear their Butler boots anywhere and everywhere. Butlers are a well mannered helper and a symbol of peace of mind.

AFO, orthotics and special needs friendly
Butlers are adaptive and can be worn by all children, all year round, whatever the weather.

Big Fan Easy Entry System
Thanks to its flexible design, any type of shoe can fit comfortably inside our products, from high-top sneakers to ballet slippers.

Custom Velcro® Brand closure
We wanted a closure that would be extremely durable and reliable, so we partnered with the very best in the industry. Learn more.

Dishwasher-safe boot
You’re already busy enough, right? Simply take the liners out, and and put the Butler boots shells in your dishwasher, along with a load of toys maybe! They’ll come out as bright as new.

Machine washable liner
High tech and 16mm thick yet so easy to keep clean! Simply throw our liners/slippers in your next machine load.

Easy on, Easy off
Butlers’ easy-on puller is practical, tear-resistant and easy to use, helping little ones develop a sense of independence. Because they’re built to stand up on their own, sliding off a pair of Butler boots is just as simple.

Made in USA
Manufacturing Butler boots in the United States ensures the highest quality product and helps support the local economy.

Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly
All our materials are eco-friendly and meet or exceed all Consumer Safety tests, with zero traces of lead or plastic toxins, so you can be sure your children’s feet are in good hands.

Slip resistant sole
Butler’s reliable rugged outsole keeps little ones from slipping and sliding as they explore the great outdoors.

Ultra lightweight
Butler boots are lightweight, so you can easily carry them with you wherever you go.

Waterproof & Insulating

Made from one mold, Butler outer shells use no glue or stitched parts that would cause leaky seams. The liner ensures warmth to -30F and cool to +68F.

Construction & No Adhesives

Butler uses a TPE compound, a consistent high performer in cold temperature crack tests and slip & wear tests. The accordion pleat and strap lock in the foot or shoe. We use heat and NO adhesives for the liner lamination. This insures improved breathability & eliminates toxic substances. Our materials are lead and phthalate free.

Breathability & Comfort

Butler’s Atmosfeel 3-part liner lamination ensures superior breathability and long-term comfort in cold and warm weather.

1. Breathe Right® breathable 16mm compression foam is the latest in breathable technology, providing the ultimate cold and warm weather comfort and ensuring a quick drying time.

2. The inside layer is a polyester based tacliner. This ensures that moisture is wicked away from the foot and combats odor causing bacteria, fungal mold and mildew.

3. The outside lining material is a Skyline polyester fabric increasing the wicking effect and providing lasting durability.


Duel Density Footbed

Our liners are completed with a duel density footbed to maximize the child’s comfort while insuring a snug and stable foot. It is coated with Agion®, the best performing antimicrobial on the market.

The Ultimate Comfort

Immediate comfort

No other boot provides the cushioning and hugging effect achieved from our combination of liner and TPE outer shell. The 15mm thick breathable liner combined with the TPE outer shell hugs the foot to provide unprecedented cushioning not achieved with traditional boot construction.

Long Term Comfort

Breathability is the key to sustained warmth and comfort and the Butler’s Atmosfeel breathable laminate works better than any traditional boot liners.