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Lil Learnerz Training Pants

$ 28.00

Potty Training time is easier with KangaCare's Lil Learnerz.  The process of potty training happens in baby steps.  This means that as they are getting started with leaving diapers behind they will have some accidents here and there.  Lil Learnerz are an essential aid through these steps, providing you with peace of mind and your little one with the support and protection they need. Lil Learnerz are the best of both worlds since they look like big kid underwear and come in multiple fun prints and vibrant color combinations. 

So what makes these so awesome possum?  Lil Learnerz are made with what we call IMWET TECHNOLOGY™ that lets your toddler feel wet when they have had an accident instead of pulling all of the wetness away so quickly. This helps your toddler recognize their body which is essential in the potty learning process. Lil Learnerz are soft with a hypoallergenic layer that rests against your child’s skin. Lil Learnerz are of course waterproof and can hold a pretty heavy accident with no trouble or mess because the inside is made up of an absorbent, dual layer, microfiber core. And just like real underwear Lil Learnerz are easy to pull up and down!

Lil Learnerz are available in five sizes ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large. The Extra Small and Small sizes also feature side snapping release panels for easy-off in case of accidents with early learners.

To Use:

  • Use in place of diapers to aid in transitioning from diapers to regular underwear.

Tip! The Newborn piece of the Bamboo 6r Soaker fits perfect and makes a great booster in the trainers if there is need for a little more absorbency during naps or over night.

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