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Geo Boards | Guidecraft

$ 30.00

Check out these fun activity boards! Get ready to create masterpieces using the board and rubber bands!


Explore different colors, shapes, and beginner geometric concepts with this engaging Geo Boards set. Each set includes four 20cm x 20cm two-sided square boards, featuring pegged circle and square grids on either side. 20 featured pattern cards are provided to enhance each child’s learning experience, which along with the multi-colored rubber bands, help develop color and pattern recognition. Dexterity improves as children attach rubber bands following patterns and creating their own designs. Each Geoboard has over molded corner feet for enhanced durability and stability. 4 sets of multicolored rubber bands are included to overlay around the pegs on the board to create the geometric images shown on the activity cards. Ages 3+


  • Set of 4 two-sided Geo Boards
  • Builds understanding of simple to complex geometric shapes
  • Two-sided boards with pegged circle and square grid designs
  • 20cm x 20cm square boards with over molded corner feet
  • 4 sets of multi-colored rubber bands included
  • Set of 20 pattern cards featuring unique geometric images
  • Ages 3+