All in One Cloth Diaper Sprayer | Diaper Dawgs

  • $ 70.00

Choosing the right type of cloth diaper for your family was complicated enough.  Deciding what to do w/ the poo however seems to be the bigger decision for a lot of families.  Scrape, Shake or Spray?  We say spray!  And not just because it is a little more hands off but because this sprayer is AWESOME!  The shield/collar makes this an easy and clean solution!

This sprayer installs in 3 easy steps and has a wide or jet stream wash setting for those extra special somethings. You can switch spray settings with a simple twist of the nozzle even while the Spray Collar is still attached. 

The Spray Collar "Arctic Wolf” is completely transparent with a fun splash of silver glitter allowing you to see what you are spraying

The Diaper Dawgs Diaper Sprayer has everything you need: a 48-inch metal spiral hose with a patented inner woven core, a brass core integrated T-valve with pressure control, backflow prevention, and water shut-off, a sprayer holster for toilet tank or wall-mounted storage, and the smallest cloth diaper spray shield on the market...all-in-one package. Our complete sprayer kit connects to any standard toilet with a flexible toilet line.

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