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Daniel Tiger Tonie

by Tonies
$ 14.99

Through imagination, creativity, and music, Daniel Tiger and his friends learn about feelings, first, and the social skills necessary for school and for life.

Track List:
1. It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
2. Daniel's Emotional Rollercoster
3. Say What You're Feeling
4. What Do You Do with the Mad You Feel?
5. Mindfulness Moment
6. Look for the Helpers
7. When You Feel Sick
8. Rest is Best
9. Doctor's Visit
10. Doctors are Grownups Who Help Us.
11. Bathroom Break
12.Go Potty, Go!
13. Nighttime in the Neighborhood
14. Goodnight, Daniel
15.It's Such a Good Feeling

Approximate run time: 40 minutes