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Cococho Ergonomic Baby Carrier | Cococho

by Cococho
Original price $ 240.00
Current price $ 189.00
Color: Gray/Yellow

Meet Cococho™

Cococho™ is the most user friendly and practical baby carrier around!. It is designed for both front and back carrying, adapts to the changing needs of babies from newborn to 3-4 years, and allows parents to carry their baby's weight naturally and ergonomically, without causing backaches.

The Cococho™ Baby Carrier wearing method is unique, safe and the most intuitive on the market. With the Cococho™, you secure the baby BEFORE loading onto your front or back. This method enables taking babies off after they fall asleep in the carrier, without waking them up. Moreover, this unique method allows for safe and unassisted back loading, and from the youngest age compared to other soft structured (and framed) baby carriers.

Back carrying is safe, more ergonomic and more practical than front carrying for both the baby and the parent and for indoor and outdoor use. With back carrying,  curious babies can enjoy and explore their surroundings, while their parents' front part is free to easily perform daily tasks, to give attention to older siblings and to hike safely.

Baby Carrier Cococho -Built-in head and neck support which works while the baby is awake or asleep

Built-in passive head and neck support

Works while the baby is awake and asleep. Allows babies to freely streighten their neck, turn head from side to side, and look around.

Infant carrier Cococho- Ergonomic, Adjustable and spaciousoft back support allows baby's spine to develope from C to S.

Adjustable and spacious soft back support

Allows the baby's spine to curve and develop naturally,
and the baby’s arms to remain snug inside or move freely.

Healthy hip position. The Cococho Baby Carrier is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Dynamic waist belt

The Cococho's waist belt is ergonomic for both the parent and the baby. It distributes the baby's weight between the parent's shoulders and waist;. and adapts to the baby’s development and growth, for carrying in a healthy hip position. The Cococho Baby Carrier is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Suitable for all weather with breathable 3D mesh

Suitable for all weather

Special layering with 3D mesh, allows comfort,
ventilation and contact with a cotton layer.


The most practical and user-friendly carrier. Secure the baby in the carrier before wearing it.

  • Enables to carry the baby in an ergonomic way in the front or on the back with the baby facing the parent.
  • One size, adjustable for almost all adult size and adapts to babies' development from birth until toddlerhood.
  • Dynamic waist belt adapts to the baby’s growth, for carrying in a healthy hip position.
  • Special layering allows comfort, ventilation, and contact with a cotton layer.
  • For young babies, Built-in head and neck support while the baby is awake and asleep
  • Soft, roomy, and adjustable back support allows the baby's spine to develop naturally from C to S shape.
  • Includes practical pockets for small essentials.
  • Includes a mirror to monitor the baby while being carried on the back.
  • Includes two teething pads.
  • Machine washable.