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Cobalt Ring Sling - 2.1meters | Lenny Lamb

$ 60.00

Ring Slings are an excellent carrier for the quick ups & downs that you encounter with newborns & toddlers. Lenny Lamb ring slings are compact, making it a great diaper bag carrier.

A little about Lenny Lamb Ring Slings:

  •  Suitable from newborn through 33 pounds (15kg)
  •  Length (from center of rings) -  82.7in (2.1 m) long
  •  Lenny Ring Slings have blunt ends (no taper)
  •  Rings are Sling Ring brand. They are matte (not shiny), made from aluminum, and contain no weld points.

WASH INSTRUCTIONS:  wash on cold,  line dry, steam iron

So why choose Lenny Lamb?

Founded in 2008, Lenny Lamb is designed and made by a family run company in Poland and is a fair trade product. Lenny Lamb is made of a strong cross twill weave fabric and is quality tested. The dyes used are Oeko-Tex certified, formaldehyde free and 100% cotton.

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