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Bumprider Connect 3 Sidebag

$ 99.00

Ships late March 2023

Maximize your storage capacity with both a Bumprider Connect 3 Sidebag plus the ingenious Bumprider Connect 3 SidePack! The luxurious all in one Bumprider Connect 3 Sidebag for your amazing Connect stroller. Designed by Bumprider Studios in Sweden with equal parts practicality and elegance, the Connect 3 SideBag is an ideal accessory for quick errands as well as weekends away. This new smart and spacious bag connects to your stroller in a second using magnets. Crafted with a wide and comfortable carrystrap, brushed aluminium mounts, multiple compartments and pockets, and includes a comfortable changing mat. The Bumprider Connect 3 Sidebag is compatible with all Bumprider Connect models.