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Build-A-Bubble 3D Bubble Maker Kit

$ 17.00
The Traditional Bubble Wand Reimagined:Build-A-Bubble is not like other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) toys out there; This exciting kit allows you to make tons of bubbles in 3D geometric shapes like Cubes, Hexagons, Pentagons, and loads more.
A Breeze to Use & Packed with Benefits for Kids: The indoor-outdoor bubble-making STEM kit encourages kids to solve problems, promotes hand-eye coordination, improves fine and gross motor skills, enhances cognitive learning, and helps them build interpersonal skills.
Provides Nearly Endless Possibilities: it comes with 57 child-friendly pieces a reusable, giftable box, and an instructional booklet; Patent is pending.
Beloved by Parents & Teachers Across the US: A Montessori toy that provides fun, education, and surprises left and right; what more could you ask for? make a great birthday gift or memorable afternoon activity. Each order helps us donate to autism research and assist children with learning disabilities