Adult Bracelet | Real Baltic Amber by Momma Goose

  • $ 29.95

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  • Made with beads of true Baltic Amber - GUARANTEED!
  • Adult sized 7.5" bracelet
  • Individually knotted between each bead
  • Clasps with a specially designed screw bead closure
  • Make a set! Coordinate them and be cutely matched with your little one or an accompanying bracelet

Amber is a fossilized tree resin, and when worn against the skin, the skins warmth releases these healing oils from the amber, providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Consider wearing baltic amber for these types of chronic ailments: Hypothyroidism, Fybromyalgia, Arthritis, GERD or Reflux, Eczema or Psoriasis, auto-immunity, migraines, allergies.

Maximize Wearing Benefits: 

  • Amber to skin. Direct contact. Nothing should be a barrier to prevent amber to skin contact.  Necklaces should be worn under clothing and fit should not be too loose hanging away from the skin.
  • Continuous wear. For adults: 24/7/365  (except when bathing).   For infants and children: necklaces should be removed when the child sleeps and/or during times of being unsupervised and during bath time.  However, by placing an amber bracelet around the baby’s leg inside their closed pajamas during sleep can help to maximize exposure.
  • Wear close to the site of pain or inflammation.  For teething babies the ideal is a necklace close to the face. 

Baltic Amber Care:  

  • Clean with lukewarm water and a soft as needed.  Avoid cleansers.
  • Take care not to allow products to coat your Baltic Amber. (e.g., soaps, shampoos, lotions, sunscreens, oils, perfumes, hair spray, etc).  which may reduce its effectiveness.
  • DO NOT wear your Baltic amber while bathing, in the pool, spa, or in other highly chlorinated water.