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Holiday Sales

Happy Holidays from all of us at Nature Baby Outfitter

We hope your Holiday Season remains Merry and Bright
even if it looks different than prior years.

Enjoy our fun ode' to 'Twas a night before Christmas
and some peaks at our upcoming Holiday promotions! 

Limo Stroller Giveaway

YEP.. our SECOND this year!
Enter Dec 16th to Dec 23rd

$1,200 Gift Cards Giveaway
Drawing on January 1st


$50 off Z4 Stroller or $100 off Z4+Nido Travel System 

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'Twas some time 'fore the Holidays and all through your house,

 Family members were antsy...even your spouse!

This season's activities are being thought out with care,

In hopes that your loved ones will be with you to share.

The children were outside in their winter threads;

While visions of new boots danced in their heads;

With dad in his Little Sleepies PJs and I in mine too

We settled ourselves with some nice local brew.

When out of the playroom came such a noise,

I thought to myself no way that could be toys.

Down the stairs I scurried as my back cracked,

Peeked around the corner and braced for impact.

The slime on the floor of the newly cleaned room,

Gave me an instant feeling of gloom.

When what to my tired eyes did emerge,

But an opportunity for an annoying toy purge!

With a little tribe of kids so lively and smart,

I knew so many of these toys no longer had a part.

More rapid than seagulls chasing down fries

I whistled, and smiled and kept my eye on the prize

More Games! More Learning! No crap that breaks down!

On Squigz! On, Tegu! We will have the best playroom in town!

To new Treasure Box Blocks!  To a new prince doll!

Now Donate!  Donate! Donate it all!

I remind the kids toys that leave after years of good play,

leave room for new and brighten another's day.

So down to the donation center we drove,

With a car full of toys for their treasure trove.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard from the back seat,

How the season of giving sure did feel sweet.

With a tear in my eye we were ready to return,

Oh for family time and big adventures did I yearn.

This year has been a doozy!

In fact, some nights have even ended quite boozy!

Yet, I look in the mirror at my kids with hearts so full.

An awesome Holiday this season for them I must pull! 

Their eyes--- how they twinkled!  Their dimples, so merry!

Their cheeks red like roses, their noses like a cherry!

It's moments like these, I forget all the bad,

All the struggles that normally make me mad.

Their sweet innocent faces dreaming of this season,

Family and Love is truly the reason.

Here's to making your holidays bright!

To all of your loved ones, who may be out of sight!

Although you may have gained some quarantine pounds,

So much more matters we look at more shutdowns.

Holidays don't need to be about quantity of gift,

Some of the smallest gestures are the ones that lift.

A wink of an eye and a nod of your head,

It's about the joy that we spread!

Don't let the unknown ruin your day,

The joy of the season is here to stay.

Embrace the family right under your nose,

For all to fast each of them grows.

Like your time, spend your money wise,

Shop small instead of with the big guys!!

The stress of small business owners is quite. 

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”