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Toys & Games

Play is so important to optimal child development!

For babies, toddler, and children of all ages play is not just fun, it is vital for social, emotional, intellectual and physical development!

These are a few of the products that we love to encourage imaginative free play with our children.

We select toys that are HEIRLOOM QUALITY, that means generations from now these toys will still be around brining joy and learning to the little people who care for them.

  • $ 22.00

    Rain Stick


    A little tilt of the stick is enough and you hear the gentle patter of the rain.

    $ 22.00
  • $ 32.00



    The colored keys help to learn the first tones.

    $ 32.00
  • $ 25.00

    The Great Cogwheel Game


    Everything's turning, everything's moving. The direction is determined by the child and if everything is arranged correctly, then everything actual...

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    $ 25.00
  • $ 30.00

    Pagoda Marble Game


    Stylish game of marbles. The marbles roll down the tower and thereby produce pleasant sounds.

    $ 30.00
  • $ 40.00

    Building Blocks Rainbow


    The 57 wooden building blocks in the colors of the rainbow with a block grid dimension of 3 centimeters are a real visual and tactile highlight.

    $ 40.00
  • $ 18.00

    Flower Press


    The flower press with a handy screw closure made of wood and cardboard insert makes it easy to press flowers and leaves on paper.

    $ 18.00
  • $ 11.00

    4 Layer Butterfly Puzzle


    In 4 layers from a small colourful butterfly to a big colourful butterfly. 

    $ 11.00